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At the current moment, AllBanks2 is an abandoned project, but I will still updating this wiki for you. If you can contribute with this wiki I will apreciate it.

Welcome to AllBanks2!

AllBanks2 is a plugin that allows you to have different banks and others implementations in your server for your users.

Also AllBanks2 implements a protection system called AllBanksLand, this protection system works with a plot system that allows to your users to claim plots (if you do not want to use AllBanksLand, this can be disabled from the Config.yml file). AllBanksLand allows you to have dedicated worlds with plots, allowing its users to have their own plots. Your users can configure their plots with a simple commands and flags.

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General features:

  • 5 banks availables!
  • Supports any Economy plugin that works with Vault.
  • Support for SQLite Database (AllBanks work with a local database using a file in the plugin folder, MySQL database or another external server isn't required).
  • Support for decimal values (accurate calculations).
  • New lottery added.
  • Interests are supported for BankLoan.
  • Support for default permissions.
  • Shops availables!
  • Auto Updater (configurable).
  • Metrics (configurable).
  • Support for "fake items" (only available for AllBanks Shop).
  • Add WorldProtection (AllBanksLand), for more info see this page: AllBanksLand

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